I am a world traveler by nature. Growing up with parents in different states gave me wings to fly! Every summer I would board a plane 2 times, going and coming from CA to AZ. I must admit that while I was a young one, travelling on TWA, I was completely mesmerized by the beauty and caring nature of the airline stewardesses (they are presently referred to as Flight Attendants). They were usually very strikingly beautiful, tall, lean and very pleasant (today most are rude andnot very assisting or pleasant-no matter what the airlines).

My first solo flight was taken when I was either 5 or 6 years old. I remember walking down the tunnel waiting to board the plane, holding a stewardesses hand, while wearing a big label/ticket around my neck-which signaled that I was a minor travelling alone. Eventually, after a few solo flights-I anxiously awaited my goodie bag and my wings. As of this blog, TWA no longer is in service and no one gives away their caliber of goodie bags for childrenanymore.

Fast forward to 2013 and even after travelling to many a foreign land, I still haven’t had enough. I tend to get anxious when I stay in one place to long, without a brief vacation in between. I continually long for the next destination and adventure. My travels in the United States include California [Los Angeles, Hollywood, Whittier, Fullerton, Santa Monica, San Pedro, Malibu, Venice, San Diego, Ocean City, Long Beach, Huntington Park, Beverly Hills, Fresno, La Puente, Montebello], Arizona [Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Sedona, Ahwatukee, Buckeye, Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Tucson], Nevada [Las Vegas  {20+ times}], Louisiana [New Orleans], New Jersey [Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Princeton, Avalon, Atlantic City, Galloway, Absecon, Trenton, New Brunswick, Edison], New York [NYC {30+ times}] Pennsylvania [Philadelphia {12+ times}, Hershey, Doylestown, New Hope {20+ times}] and Texas [Fort Worth] . I have stopped in many other states along my cross-country drives [Drove cross county from AZ to NJ 6 times and counting], only to eat or shop, so until I get to enjoy them and all they have to offer, I won’t list them as States I have experienced.Roebliing Museum

After travelling via trains, planes and automobiles, I added a Yacht to my list. The Yacht was 278 feet, manned by a Greek crew and immaculate in decor, it felt like I was travelling in a 5 star hotel. Most of my travels have been on commercial flights, with a few flights on a private Boeing 727Douglas DC-9Douglas DC-10  and a Gulfstream aircraft; all of which were decked out with recliners, couches, caviar, Cristal champagne, Versace dinner wear and crystal stemware.

In addition to travelling like the rich and famous, i’ve also done a lot of camping, both in a tent and in a recreational vehicle (RV). I’ve also managed to enjoy many excursions on all of my travels. My favorite adventure of the moment was when I took trapeze flying lessons in Atlantic City for my birthday last summer (2012). I also enjoyed scuba diving in Jamaica, but don’t think i’ll be giving that a another whirl anytime soon. I am eager to try repelling. Cliff jumping was another favorite of mine, I’ve even gone so far as to jump off a bridge into a small body of water; but now that my age and back pains have caught up with me, i’m a little less eager to jump off anything, but the curb in my in-line skates.

I am in my 40’s and still don heely’s, which makes most people do a double take. I also love to skip and walk on ledges. Most of all, I enjoy trying new adventures and will share my experiences here with you, in hopes that you get out and try them too!

If you have any comments or suggestions please share them with me below in a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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