The Parlor Pizzeria Phoenix AZ

Meh, i’ve experienced better….to bad the delicious food had to suffer the wrath of the horrible service on more than one occasion! On one of our visits our server brought us the wrong Pizza, which was a build your own. We ordered 3 items on each of our pizzas, both were ladden with Jalapenos; which one would hope would garner a check back at least one time during the meal. But no matter how much extra heat was packed on by the clueless chef, the server didn’t return until at least 15 minutes after someone else took another 15 minutes to bring me a refile of iced tea. I understand that if the refill was free it wouldn’t be a priority, but the pizza for one was $9.00, my salad was $12 (a horribly unseasoned ceasar salad that tasted like it was dressed in plain mayonaise) and my sisters pizza was $14, so we didn’t expect such a horrible experience. There wasn’t a warning on the build your own pizza menu that made us aware that by ordering jalapenos on our pizza it would be served suicide style. This day in particular only had a handful of patrons too. Our server not only sucked majorly, but he lacked the traits of a mediocre server, poor guy, poor parlor. If his section is the only one open next time, i’m goin to california pizza kitchen or mama mia’s, maybe even le grand orange.

Even with the horrible and pretentious servers I definitely recommend the Funghi pizza, as it is a blend of roasted wild mushrooms, Goat cheese, truffle oil and chives (but I have them hold the chives). Its a tad bit oily, but very tasty. The spinach salad made with applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, white cheddar, avocado, hard boiled egg and topped with a white balsamic vinaigrette is fabulous as well! A great appetizer to start the meal off right is the caponata bruschetta made with sweet & sour eggplant, roasted peppers, pine nuts, currants and an herbed ricotta spread.

The parking is hard to come by during meal times, so if you can wait; I recommend enjoying this restaurant after popular meal times.

the parlor pizzeria
1916 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85016

W Hotel Scottsdale AZ

What a phenominal resting place, and an even better party place. Oh my luxuriously comfortable bed! I could have slept all day. Only wish the light wasn’t peeping through the bathroom window at the crack of day (especially after partying all night, then going for a late night swim after the club was closed 24hr pool for guests is awesome!). The shower was great, but the sink was HORRIBLE. I shouldn’t have put on my clothes until after I brushed my teeth, because the square shallow sink splashed all the water back up every time I rinsed.

They have a nack for making it up to you when their service lacks. We paid for our room a month before, asked for adjoining rooms but when we arrived, they didn’t have one reserved for us. Since it was my birthday, sister mentioned it and asked why they would promise one, if they only have three of the type. I happed to walk up at the time, said it was okay and I was chill with it. They upgraded us to a bigger room, delivered half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and gave me all the wrist bands I needed (7- normally $25 each) , for the 944 magazine party held roof top at the pool. It was probably the fact that I didn’t over react or act like a jerk, I killed them with kindness, as always, and they delivered! I will definitely stay there many more times.

The club is very scottsdale and trendy with house music. I like the fact that the pool is open 24 hrs. We sat on the stadium seats and people watched. Luckily 944 had lots of stuff going on too.

I think this place is great for the price and the rooms are so much fun! If your a vouyer this is the place for you. If your a partier this place is for you (your VIP at the club and the security doesn’t act in their normal douche bag demeanor when they see your band) only complaint is when the security doesn’t see your wrist band, they are A – – – – – – S the biggest kind. They act like they work in Beverly Hills or Hollywood and the world is trying to steal their star. So if your looking for a place to party and sleep, stay here, but remember if you leave the hotel, upon your return, hold your hand up high at the door and your all good.

W Hotel
7277 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant Tempe AZ

I love sushi and I love this place. After arriving around 7:30pm, our server promptly arrived for our drink order. We ordered a bottle of the plum wine it was delicious. For an appetizer we ordered the seafood salad, which was a generous heaping of crab, tons of baby scallops and shrimp over a bed of mixed greens with a ginger dressing, cucumber and carrots, as well as the yellow tail & maguro sushi, the eel, crab and avacodo roll & the fried california roll served on eel sauce. Every dish was very fresh and tasty. The last roll melted in my mouth, their California rolls have a crab mix inside, which was my only complaint, except when its deep fried.  the free serving of edamame was a nice start too!

The first time we tried kabuki was on my sisters birthday in July. She had a group of 15 and they were very accomodating, even dressed and presented our own cake brought into the restaurant for her. For a big group, they did a phenomenal job, even with all the split checks “Oye vei” just the thought. Oh yeah speaking of head effecting, we all had a popper that makes a bang when you pull the string and at the blow of the candles we pulled the strings. even with all the loud pops and the stares, the servers, managers and busers were so nice, not saying a word or frowning on it.  (but don’t try this unless your ready for the repercussions). ENJOY and make sure, that if you don’t want a big ‘o roll to eat, order the cut rolls as the hand rolls are always very big.

The best part about eating at Kabuki is the nice walk around the Tempe Marketplace. Its a strip mall-turned outdoor entertainment haven for tourist, but its people watching at its best. The only problem about the T.Mp. is that its located in an akward area, with one way in and one way out, and the traffic in & out sucks, while at times the parking is worse, but get over it, enjoy the company your with and get your Kabuki on!

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant located in the Tempe Marketplace
2000 East Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281