East Coast summer eats 2014

The best deal this entire summer has been the half price sushi (served all day) at Sakura in Bensalem, PA. I had three new roll combinations and was delighted with each. Another tasty treat was fried coconut shrimp with coconut sauce and walnuts, served with steamed broccoli at Parx Casino, I absolutely loved it.

Homemade Italian ice and gelatos have been a tasty treat this summer. Banana, mango and swedish fish are just a few of the flavors I can remember. Chocolate with vanilla gelato was definitely another mouth watering joy.

Summer usually leaves me hungry for barbecue, so we’ve enjoyed a few meaty savory racks (blogs to come). I must say the best fried pickle was served up with my ribs at Virgil’s in NYC this summer. My favorite fresh antipasto salad is served up in central New Jersey, with thick slices of fresh Mozzarella cheese, along side thick strands of Pecorino Romano, big crumbles of Parmesan cheese and topped with prosciutto, red roasted peppers  then dotted with Kalamata olives.

Unfortunately that will be the last you hear of that salad, because it is the only dish I can recommend at that restaurant. It’s a shame because I have tried several other dishes only to be disappointed.

I know I’m a bit picky about my food, but I think food is the easiest thing to do right. What flavors of summer are fresh on your taste buds? Please share below in a comment.

SlingShot Steel Pier Atlantic City, NJ

Last summer, we were shot 225 feet off the ground, in 1.5 seconds, at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City New Jersey. The SlingShot was so thrilling, reaching accelerations of up to 5Gs, made me feel like I was shot out of a cannon. The views of the Historic Atlantic City Boardwalk were spectacular! We had an unhindered view of the entire coastline. I can’t wait to do it again, traveling more than 100 mph never looked so good.

SlingShot Steel Pier Atlantic City NJ

SlingShot Steel Pier Atlantic City NJ

The costs is $20 per person, plus only $10 for the video (loved ours!) and I must say that its the best bang for your buck in Atlantic City for sure!

(located near the end of the Steel Pier)
1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08230
(866) 386-6659


DO: Art All Night by Artworks Trenton, NJ 2013

Finally! After searching high and low for these photos, I get to present them to you today, only 8 months later (oops). Art All Night is New Jersey’s premier 24 hour Arts, Music & Entertainment Extravaganza presented by Artworks, who has done an amazing job of growing this event from their first Art All Night location, held across the street from the Arena at the old Conduit space; to more than 30,000 visitors during the 24 hour span in 2013. Throughout the night you could find interactive events, dueling muralist’s, live music on 3 stages, a children’s art zone, master classes, historic walking tours and live art demos; or you could casually, at your own pace, take in the wonder of the 1,000 pieces of artwork, film and installation pieces in the gallery area.

We happened to find this event only 1 hour before we arrived, so my battery didn’t have enough charge for more than the photos you see here. Had I known that there was so much more to the event, I would have saved some juice!

After exiting the Gallery, we headed to the World Food Court, sadly enough it wasn’t to eat because we had just finished up dinner when we found the flyer (doh!). That was when we found this local coffee roasters. The coffee was rich, bold and fragrant but most importantly its roasted locally in New Jersey.

When we arrived, we ran to check out the vendors before they closed up shop. Unfortunately this was the last “Locally made” vendor in the house. His wares were insect and animal carcass, up-cycled jewelry and other memorabilia.

There was a sea of people out back near the main stage so we made our way over, and found this awesome live bike welding demonstration. It was dark out, making for this awesome blue puff of light you see around the base of the bike. I was told that during the day a group of customized bikes, plus a few  that weren’t, took a tour around the town checking out historical places and it sounded like fun!

Dueling Muralist’s went at it 24 hours during the Art All Night. Luckily we caught them at mid-point, so we had a chance to see where they were going with their murals. The 4 invited artists had to keep adding to an Edgar Allen Poe painting, as you can see they got pretty creative.  It was an everlasting adventure in art creation and manipulation.

This last installation was very innovative. “Windows of Soul” consisted of recycled trailers, built from the chassis up with recycled items only. After completion each trailer was decorated according to the mood of the designer. The view of their mood was only possible from the front door, or the “Windows of Soul”. We had enough juice to take just this last photo of one trailer (check out the rolling-pin over the door), but the other trailers were so original; nothing traditional and very artistic. The other trailers were more like moving art, you couldn’t enter them either because the art was created all the way up to the entrances.

If you enjoyed what you have seen here, make sure to attend this years Art All Night 2014.

Art All Night in Trenton took place from 3pm on June 15 until 3pm on June 16 in 2013 at:
Historic Roebling Wire Works
675 South Clinton Avenue
Trenton, NJ