Long-chain fats cause thyroid cancer


It’s no wonder why Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in the United States, ever since the 1980’s tropical oils media war launched by the American Soybean Association (ASA) to increase the sales of soybean oil and to eliminate competition from imported tropical oils; our food has gone from being healthy and nutritional, to being poisonous and in some cases deadly.

The difference in the two oils at war can be felt today, by the high rates of cancer in America. Nutritionally there is a huge difference between tropical oils, which are made of medium-chain fatty acids and help to reverse disease such as obesity, atherosclerosis and many more life threatening diseases; and the other long-chain fats from soybean oil, canola oil + other lcfa, which cause atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and may lead to many deadly diseases, such as cancer or leukemia, by making your blood sticky and in turn possibly permitting your blood to be compromised by free radicals. Yeah that’s a big difference, one no one was prepared for… Read more.

Clean out your innards and quit being so hangry!

It’s easier than you think to live a fabulous life full of love, happiness and joy.

It’s especially easy when you fill your tummy with life giving, health producing, vitamin and nutrient rich natural foods, because our emotions are dictated by our sense of well-being.

When your body feels fabulous from the inside, it radiates grace on the outside; #theway proves this.

If your ready to push that hangry, rude, selfish or mean attitude to the curb and get your happy on; the easiest way to do it, is to begin incorporating healthy eating. Choose fruits and vegetables which provide the benefits your body requires, to be at it’s most optimal health levels. You can do it by juicing your greens; in a variety of combinations daily.

Consuming a juice, loaded with nutrients and vitamins such as this one, is best on an empty stomach right after you wake.

Today I concocted one with English cucumber (for calcium and removal of skin impurities and toxin cleansing benefits {note if we were men we would also reap the benefits of penis enlargement from the cucumber too}) + celery (for calcium and anti-inflammatory benefits and prevention of osteoporosis) + kale (for calcium and digestive system cleansing benefits) + grapefruit (for acidity and breast enhancing and breast cancer prevention benefits) + lemon (for citric acid and liver cleansing and anti-cancer benefits) + granny Smith apple (for anti-cavity, anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis benefits and natural sugars and many other benefits) + coconut water (anti-aging and natural sugars and many other benefits) with about a cup of water (natural cancer repellant and hydration benefits) plus a dash of parsley.

I added one of each item listed above and was able to make enough juice for us three ladies.  So being that they charge around $8 per bottle at the Phoenix Public Market, for a small bottle of their similar green juice,  I saved at minimum $21.00 blending them at home.

Although a blender doesn’t pulverizer the fruits and vegetables as finely as the ninja or vitamix, I say anything is better than nothing, when it comes to juicing.  Just note that it’s better to drink this blended, life giving, mixture immediately after you push stop on the machine.


Thankfully he made #theway easy enough for even I to incorporate it into my life. Here’s hoping you make it part of yours.


Copied from: http://fashionablygreen1.com/2015/07/01/clean-your-innards-and-stop-being-so-hangry/

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