Sinus relief without pills – naturally? #readfood


Notice the similarities in the sphenoid sinus ethmodial cells and the air pockets in the green leaves? God designed them to clear sinuses naturally.

Those tiny ridges indicate relief to your sinuses, via clearing of the ethmodial cells. Great thing relief to breathing and sinuses, brings relief to other neurological issues; as well as migraines,  sinus pressure and nasal congestion.

When these greens are eaten daily, your sinuses clear up, congestion is eliminated and relief is brought to areas which once suffered, due to blocked sinuses and airway passages. Imagine these leaves breaking down, in your system, into green slime, before running through your sinuses, loosening and clearing the plaque and debris build up; which is left over from sinus congestion, that’s how they work, naturally. Read more.

Red Russian Kale relieves halitosis?


Adding kale to your coconut rich diet will work wonders for you. Adding the photographed Red Russian Kale will work wonders for your airway passages, breathing and bad breath.

The Red Russian Kale  has a mild nutty flavor, it is slightly sweet and earthy, with a hearty texture. I add it to salads, soups; but would much rather saute it in coconut oil, with seasoning and other vegetables, because the coconut oil will help to transport all nutritional benefits across the blood, brain and oxygen barriers. Read more.

Coconut Oil is essential brain health #readfood


Imagine your blood flowing through the center of this coconut. The coconut meat is the lining inside your arteries and veins. It lines the insides, to protect your blood from outside intrusion of bacteria, viruses, fungus etc.

Now imagine you have atherosclerosis or tearing in the lining, which allows the rancid cooking oil you ate earlier (which produced free radicals), to enter your blood stream and attack the good cells, stripping them of oxygen and killing them from within.

Now imagine the lining growing back when you drink 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily (must begin with half tablespoon daily, increasing by half tablespoon weekly… Read more.

Premature aging prevented by guava fruit

Look out!  There’s a new fancy and sweet route to health & wellness, which takes you the long way around by targeting many areas at once.  That new route is serviced by one fruit, which can be a blessing for your brain, body and soul.  A few weeks ago, while I was watching the Dr. OZ show, he began to talk about the anti-aging properties of Guava.  They seemed too good to be true, so I just had to do some research; especially after finding the paste for a measly $1.29. However after searching the web I came across this awesome Benefits of Guava list below (this is a partial list too).  It turns out this tropical wonder of a super-fruit is filled with Vitamins A, C, B3, B6, E, copper, folate, magnesium and has a high fiber, a high pectin content and a plethora of potassium so it does much more than just assisting with anti-aging.  Guava has also been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries, as it improves blood circulation which is extremely helpful for men and women… Read more.

Long-chain fats cause thyroid cancer


It’s no wonder why Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in the United States, ever since the 1980’s tropical oils media war launched by the American Soybean Association (ASA) to increase the sales of soybean oil and to eliminate competition from imported tropical oils; our food has gone from being healthy and nutritional, to being poisonous and in some cases deadly.

The difference in the two oils at war can be felt today, by the high rates of cancer in America. Nutritionally there is a huge difference between tropical oils, which are made of medium-chain fatty acids and help to reverse disease such as obesity, atherosclerosis and many more life threatening diseases; and the other long-chain fats from soybean oil, canola oil + other lcfa, which cause atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and may lead to many deadly diseases, such as cancer or leukemia, by making your blood sticky and in turn possibly permitting your blood to be compromised by free radicals. Yeah that’s a big difference, one no one was prepared for… Read more.