STAY: W Hotel: Scottsdale Arizona

What a phenomenal resting place, and an even better party place. We stayed in the Spectacular Room. The views of the pool and the mountain tops was nothing less than spectacular, so the name is spot on. I loved all the shades of turquoise, the loveseat in the room and the enclosed glass shower.

Oh my luxuriously comfortable bed! The bedding was so sumptuous, I could have slept all day. My only wish is that the light wasn’t peeping through the bathroom window at the crack of day (especially after partying all night, then going for a late night swim after the club was closed; gotta love the 24hr pool for Hotel guests it’s so awesome!). The shower was great, but the sink was HORRIBLE. I shouldn’t have put on my clothes until after I brushed my teeth, because the square shallow sink splashed all the water back up, every time I rinsed and my outfit was so spotty, that It took me at least an extra 20 minutes to clean the toothpaste off.

They have a knack for making it up to you when their service lacks. We paid for our room a month before, asked for adjoining rooms but when we arrived, they didn’t adjoining rooms reserved for us. Since it was my birthday, sister mentioned it and asked why they would promise one, if they only have three of the type. I happened to walk up at the time, said it was okay and I was chill with it. It may have been my nonchalant attitude that afforded us the upgrades; because I was immediately upgraded to a bigger room, plus they delivered half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and gave me all the wristbands I needed (7- normally $25 each) , for the 944 magazine party held rooftop at the pool that night.

That level of service is what will definitely keep me coming back, staying there many more times.

The club on sight is very Scottsdale and trendy with house music. I like the fact that the pool is open 24 hours. We sat on the stadium seats and people watched. Luckily 944 had lots of stuff going on too.

I think this place is great for the price and the rooms are so much fun! If you’re a voyeur this is the place for you. If you’re a partier, then this place is for you (your VIP at the club and the security doesn’t act in their normal douche bag demeanor when they see your band) only complaint is when the security doesn’t see your wristband, they are A – – – – – – S the biggest kind. They act like they work in Beverly Hills or Hollywood; like the world is trying to steal their star. So if you’re looking for a place to party and sleep, stay here, but remember if you leave the hotel, upon your return, hold your hand up high at the door and you’re all good.

W Hotel
7277 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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