STAY: Omni Hotel: Fort Worth Texas

I visited two Omni Hotels this trip, one was completely on accident, as the shuttle driver never bothered to confirm which Omni Hotel I needed to get too, so we went to the one I didn’t need to be at, first. The second one was where my reservation was awaiting me and only 35 minutes from the first. Luckily the second one was located directly across the street from the Ft Worth Convention Center, as that was where I needed to be; and would be for the next few days helping with a Proctor & Gamble secret development.

I arrived with just enough time to unload my bag and head out the door for training, so I checked in, thankfully without any troubles as time was of the essence.

My room was very spacious and inviting, with phenomenal views of the convention center. I asked for two beds because I enjoy the extra space and I was pleasantly surprised with the nice big room.

On my way out I couldn’t help but notice the nice contrast between the ultra-modern look, blended with a native western touch. The halls were very open and airy, as was the grand hall; where the tall escalators lent a hand to the overall grandeur. Every glass piece in the lobby was shining bright, reflecting the light perfectly. The floors looked 3D, as if you could jump into each puddle of shining light.

The service was top-notch, as was the shoe shine. I had my shoes shined as I waited and he did an awesome job for very little money. He did it so fast, I was still able to make dinner with the other four ladies in my party. As I sat in the huge soft leather chairs in the lobby, near the shoe shine, I felt the heat of the candles burning along the wall, and in my opinion it was much too hot and too muggy to have live fire burning.

Since we were looking for a texas style restaurant for dinner, we asked the Hotel concierge to recommended a good place for steak, and they gave us minced meat, sending us instead to a Mexican restaurant, which didn’t impress me one bit. They also sent us in a Hotel car, but left us without a ride home; as they informed us that they don’t run very late.

The pool area was quite pathetic for this grand size hotel. It was so small and tight. Luckily I arrived to the pool early enough to get a seat. The jacuzzi was nice and hot, but the wall was a bit too high and the jacuzzi much too low to get into very easily and I burned my butt trying to get in. The food service at the bar was a great big mess! It took over an hour to get our order and the bar was half empty.

Omni Fort Worth Hotel Pool Texas, photo courtesy of

Omni Fort Worth Hotel Pool Texas, photo courtesy of

When the day ended I was so pooped I plunked right into bed. Thankfully the bedding was so soft and comfy that I never woke once, until my alarm went off the next day. The bed was soft but firm and my only complaint was the down pillows that ended up as flat as a pancake when I woke, leaving me with a cricked neck.

The shower was so invigorating I took an extended one, letting the water massage my neck in hopes of ridding it of the dang crick I woke too. I didn’t want to take off my robe, so I wore it until the absolute last-minute everyday.

I had a wakeup call each day, which came in right on time. However, I didn’t get to spend much time at the hotel and only managed to buy some juice at the starbucks just off their lobby. I say this because they offer several dining options which would have been much better than our first nights dinner. You can choose from Bob’s Steak & Chop HouseCast Iron RestaurantWine Thief or Whiskey & Rye. The Wine Thief only “tasteful appetizers” alongside hand selected wines.


I would gladly stay at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth Texas again; and I recommend you do the same if you wind up on top of the hill.

Omni Hotel Fort Worth
1300 Houston Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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