I’m a very light sleeper, so picking a place to sleep away from home can be quite tricky for me. I look for quiet darkness, comfortable bedding, soft but firm pillows, clean linens, clean facilities, a friendly staff and a good deal.

However I’m also a lover of the outdoors. So we’ve camped for 11 days straight along the California Coast in a tent to celebrate the New Year, in the chilling winds; with only a hookah to keep us warm. We’ve also camped for 16 days, in celebration of the end of summer in South New Jersey, where we sat through a freak hail storm for 1 day, being bombarded by golf ball size hail-in a convertible. That was quite the adrenaline rush for sure.

I’ve done a ton of traveling throughout the last 20 years, both for business and pleasure and I have to say camping is a favorite, one we don’t do to much of just yet. Having traveled to over 13 different countries, driving cross-country from the east coast to the west coast 6 times, spending 3 months in Atlantic City for two summers in a row, 21 days in Las Vegas, 2 years sightseeing and taking many more extended vacations throughout my life, hasn’t made me tired of traveling at all, its just made me a little more aware of taste, service, price and selection.

I hope you enjoy our new adventures as we share them with you here. If you have any recommendations please share them in a comment below.

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