For as far back as my memory serves me, I have always spent tons of time in obscure mom and pop boutiques, looking for music with my mom or antiques with my grandmother. It’s no wonder that my heart resides with locals who take the chance to bank on America.

I look for small independent mom and pop shops to spend my money with. Most tend to pay much more attention to making sure quality is superb and this is a big plus for me. I also love the variety and individuality of the products available from the little boutiques.

Shopping outings are my little piece of heaven, finding an outdoor market is my big slice! I must say the best outdoor market I have ever shopped at was the Hippy Market in Ibiza. There were over 500 vendors selling everything under the sun.

If you have a great place to shop, or know of an outdoor market that I must visit and share here; please write it below in a comment or send me some info soon.

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