RIDE: SlingShot Steel Pier: Atlantic City New Jersey

SlingShot Steel Pier AC NJ

Last summer my love and I were shot 225 feet off the ground, in 1.5 seconds, at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City New Jersey. We were in a steel ball, side by side, strapped in up to our chest. The ride up to the top took forever! It may have been the anticipation, but waiting to reach the top took longer than the ride. However it did give us a chance to take in the view of the boardwalk and the shore, then the city, then the surrounding areas each second a new area was exposed.

The views of the Historic Atlantic City Boardwalk were spectacular! We had an unhindered view of the entire coastline. It was peaceful and serene, very quiet and still; until we were shot through the air, reaching accelerations of up to 5Gs, swinging back and forth while spinning 360 degrees on a bungy cord. I felt like I had just been shot out of a cannon, my face was stretched behind my ears and my stomach felt like it was being crushed, but it was so awesome! I can’t wait to do it again, traveling more than 100 mph never looked so good.

It costs $20 per person, plus $10 for the video (loved ours!) and I must say that It’s the best bang for your buck in Atlantic City for sure!

(located near the end of the Steel Pier)
1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08230
(866) 386-6659


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