My kind of ride is a thrilling roller coaster, one that roars over the grounds, at the pace of a concord, while I’m standing on a clear bottom, or maybe while I’m laying down flat like superman, flying through the center of town, in between highrise buildings, while it corners like it’s on rails, with rolling tracks, dropping from 15 stories to 10 stories and then 3 stories, in seconds flat, over and over, before turning flips, at least 3 in a row, only to begin all over again. That would be my kind of roller coaster for sure.

Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of riding many thrilling roller coasters in my life. My only regret is that I didn’t have a camera on me to record them all. Just as it was this past Labor Day in Las Vegas. My sister and I rode like superman on the Zoom line, flying at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, under a canopy that extended the entire length of the Fremont Street canopy, it was the best way to bring in my Birthday this year. My love and I rode the zip line a few years earlier there at SlotZilla and I must say its a toss-up between the two, because I went faster on the zip line than I did on the zoom line; they said it was because I didn’t weigh enough so next time I’m taking leg weights!

The most thrilling ride I’ve ever ridden is a ride I took on a speed boat, in the mediterranean ocean, while in Ibiza Spain. We were taking air, after jumping a deep wave, when the captain decided to cut the steering wheel to the left, throwing people all around. Everyone but those of us who were smart enough to hold on. I was standing up, braced only by the cushioned back that was designed to act as a standing chair, so I held onto the sides with my elbows and separated my feet to keep my balance, all the while I was laughing and enjoying the adrenaline rush. When we came to a slower pace, everyone who had been thrown to the floor of the boat began composing themselves quietly, until we noticed a bright red streak across the back seat, where three other passengers had once sat, before they were tossed like dolls. They began to frantically search each other to see who was bleeding, but thankfully it was only lipstick. So we took off again to do many more jumps, turns and 360’s; only this time everyone braced themselves.

One ride I cannot wait to take is the Kingda Ka at Great Adventures, in New Jersey. It’s a roller coaster that shoots from 0 to 128 mph, in 3.5 seconds, to the top of a 456-foot high track. Next year I’m so there!

Trapeze flying was another ride I took that was utterly thrilling as well. I did it in Atlantic City in 2012 to celebrate my birthday and it was so much fun I did it again this past summer. I flipped in the air, did a hand-off and tried to do a catch, but after 6 times on that swing my arms gave out so I had to stop.

If you have a great coaster, thrill ride or adventure I have to ride please share it with me below.

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