Sinus relief without pills? #readfood


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Notice the similarities in the sphenoid sinus ethmodial cells and the air pockets in the green leaves? God designed them to clear sinuses naturally.

Those tiny ridges indicate relief to your sinuses, via clearing of the ethmodial cells. Great thing relief to breathing and sinuses, brings relief to other neurological issues; as well as migraines,  sinus pressure and nasal congestion.

When these greens are eaten daily, your sinuses clear up, congestion is eliminated and relief is brought to areas which once suffered, due to blocked sinuses and airway passages. Imagine these leaves breaking down, in your system, into green slime, before running through your sinuses, loosening and clearing the plaque and debris build up; which is left over from sinus congestion, that’s how they work, naturally.

To clear my sinuses, I ate three whole raw mustard green leaves (not including the tough vein) which took me 3 days to eat because it was so hot!. Then I followed up with a quarter of a leaf 5 days a week, or every day, as I could stand it.

I also began eating one raw radish per day, sometimes more. I randomly added radish leaves to salad or soup too and I’m feeling my breath go deeper into my chest and lungs now.

About 1 month ago I came across the root beer plant . Since its leaves looked exactly like the mustard green in texture, was as large as a head and grew from a single leaf, I concluded it might help the brain. After researching it, I learned that it had been used in ancient medicine for treatment of breathing issues, plus many more symptoms.

The root beer plant leaf tastes lightly of sarsaparilla, so lately I’ve been adding it to salads (when I can find it)  with coconut oil, since coconut oil crosses the #blood #brain & #oxygenbarrier I benefit more.
I think my daily consumption of a very high coconut oil diet, plus these three: mustard green leaf root beer plant leaf, radish + local honey; helped me to wake up congestion free first time ever.

Look at your food in comparison to the human body then you will learn to


  1. Tiny ridges indicate relief to your sinuses & airway passages.
  2. Reddish/purplish color indicates astaxanthin is present.
  3. Green color indicates growth via nitrogen present.
  4. Air pockets indicate relief to beating issues, via clearing of airway passages.
  5. Yellowing indicates elimination assistance via potassium.
  6. Yellowish stem innards indicate removal of waste.
  7. Large leaf indicates relief to neurological and lung issues.
  8. Small veins in the leaf indicate relief to sinus membranes.
  9. Pointy leaves removal of waste.
  10. Thick stem indicates removal of buildup.
  11. Jagged edges on mustard green indicates halitosis relief.


  • Astaxathin crosses the blood, brain and cellar membrane barriers; bringing strength to the area and stopping the proliferation of cancer.
  • Vitamin A = required for maintaining healthy mucusa and skin, essential for vision, offer protection against lung and oral cavity cancers. 

Note to self: The more coconut oil and coconut you eat, the faster your
cells will
work as designed by God, naturally in everlasting joy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, I’m just an avid researcher, sharing my research, in hopes that you do a little research of your own, to learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet. As always consult your Dr. before changing your diet. I consult the Lord and he guides me.