Heated lcfa may cause lymphatic cancer


It’s no wonder why Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in the United States, ever since the 1980’s tropical oils media war launched by the American Soybean Association (ASA) to increase the sales of soybean oil and to eliminate competition from imported tropical oils; our food has gone from being healthy and nutritional, to being poisonous and in some cases deadly.

The difference in the two oils at war can be felt today, by the high rates of cancer in America. Nutritionally there is a huge difference between tropical oils, which are made of medium-chain fatty acids and help to reverse disease such as obesity, atherosclerosis and many more life threatening diseases; and the other long-chain fats from soybean oil, canola oil + other lcfa, which cause atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and may lead to many deadly diseases, such as cancer or leukemia, by making your blood sticky and in turn possibly permitting your blood to be compromised by free radicals. Yeah that’s a big difference, one no one was prepared for.

According to Bruce Fife, C.N. N.D. long chain fatty acids make your blood sticky. Because the fat is too big to enter the liver, after digestion by enzymes in the pancreas, the fats are absorbed into the intestine wall and packaged into bundles of fat (lipid) and protein, before being carried by the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver, only to be dumped into the bloodstream, where they are circulated throughout the body to every one of the body’s cells.

Take a look at all the blood vessels and veins in the photograph of the thyroid above. Everyone of those veins is a portal, into the thyroid, for deadly oxidized oils which are basically killing you from within. They turn deadly when heat changes their chemical makeup, into free radicals. Oxidized oils are dangerous, causing infection and disease, which may go undetected until they reached deadly levels.

Unfortunately we are all slowly killing ourselves by eating foods cooked in canola oil or olive oil and other long-chain fats. How can this be? Thanks to the media and marketing, we were fooled into eating this poison, worse yet, we were fooled into to feeding it to the elderly and children.

My Grandpa is currently undergoing chemo for the 5th time, at 83 years old, to kill his thyroid Cancer. He comes from the day and age when the Doctor knew best, so what she says To Do, he does. Unfortunately she hasn’t educated herself on the effects of canola oil and other lcfa, either that, or she has chosen to omit this part of her patient care; because my Grandfather is still cooking with this long-chain fat. I’ve shared information on the past four decades of research and evidence with him and his caretaker, my aunt, explaining how coconut oil is digested differently in the human body. She began researching it herself, learning the wonderful miraculous recoveries, but he wont believe her either. Not until his Doctor shares it, will he change his mind about canola oil-meanwhile they continue to kill themselves from within through food. Its so unfortunate that Doctors can continue practicing, despite the notion that they may have contributed to their patients return of cancer, in his case for the FIFTH time, by remaining silent on the deadly effects of canola oil and other long chain fatty acids.

Not only are the long-chain fats contributing to my Grandpa’s 5th bout of thyroid cancer, but its also causing my Grandmother to have dementia, but neither Doctor is telling them to eliminate the cause of both diseases, the canola oil!

Think of what would happen when you place an olive or a piece of corn in the direct sunlight. How many hours would it take to burn it black? How many hours would it take to burn a coconut in the sun? By nature it is evident that the coconut oil was created to withstand heat and the others weren’t. When you eat the long-chain fat you can be causing yourself to have leaky gut or atherosclerosis, which can be causing breaches in your immune system, allowing bacteria to cross into the bloodline, possibly leading to cancer or other infections and diseases. It is through those breaches that the rancid cooking oil you ate earlier (which produced free radicals), enters your blood stream and attack the good cells, stripping them of oxygen and killing them from within. If your full of inflammation, that is the first indication of infection and disease lurking below.

Great news is that you can reverse the damage, when you begin to regrow your immune system and heal your body from within, buy cooking, using, drinking coconut oil, because our body converts the coconut oils medium-chain fatty acids into lauric acid and it also allows the body to better absorb nutrients and vitamins from food. The vein linings begin to grow back when you drink 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily (must begin with half of a tablespoons daily, increasing by half of a tablespoon weekly, until your able to drink it all without feeling like you have the flu-if you feel that way, it may be an indication that you need a lot of work on your insides), that’s how it protects you, by regrowing your protective lining, the layer of medium chain fatty acids, including those which line your arteries & veins plus it repairs the mucus membrane lining, which was designed to keep foreign body invaders out.

Since the thyroid gland resembles cruciferous vegetables, its no wonder that they can help you to fight off, or even prevent, lymphatic cancer and other cancers; when they are eaten as part of a highly saturated coconut oil diet, one free of long-chain fat (long-chain fatty acids), loaded with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables- consumed daily.

Coconut oil is listed in the government’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list, and it’s been used for several decades in hospitals to treat Auto Immune Deficiency, and fed intravenously to baby’s and the elderly in hospitals. Coconut oil is also a major ingredient of baby formula, because it has medium chain fatty acids, also found in Mothers milk, but it offers more protection than a Mother’s milk could offer (difference= 3% vs. 48% Lauric acid). Coconut oil contains the highest possible amount of natural medicine= 48% Lauric acid (monolaurin), giving it antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anriprotozoal properties. Coconut oil cannot be resisted by super germs , it kills the virus that causes cancer, leukemia, aids, hpv, herpes plus much more. Research coconut oil consumption at the Coconut non-profit organization in Hawaii for true health benefits.

Teens great thing to know is that you cannot consume too much coconut oil, however if you eat coconut pieces, it will require an additional step inside your body, to convert the coconut flesh to the MCFA protection.

Tropical oils continue to be as safe to use, as they were way back before the 80’s, because they don’t oxidize or turn rancid and have a shelf life of 15 years, making them shelf stable and heat resistant.

“This year, an estimated 8,500 people (4,790 men and 3,710 women) in the United States will be diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. It is estimated that 1,120 deaths (640 men and 480 women) from this disease will occur this year. ”  Source= www.cancer.net/cancer-types/lymphomahodgkin/statistics

Saturated fats can be classified into two categories: long-chain fats and short and medium-chain fats according to Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., President of the Non-profit Coconut Research Center in Hawaii. His research in coconut began while trying to prove, unsuccessfully, that  coconut oil was bad for the human body. The Coconut Research Center’s purpose is to educate health care professionals and the public about the positive nutritional aspects of coconut. If you would like to read more about how coconut oil consumption can reverse atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, aging and much more, I highly recommend that you buy the book “The Coconut Oil Miracle”.

Look at your food in comparison to the human body then you will learn to


1. Since the thyroid gland resembles cruciferous vegetables you should eat them to prevent cancer of the thyroid.

Note to self: The more coconut oil and coconut you eat, the faster your
cells  will work as designed by God, naturally in everlasting joy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, I’m just an avid researcher, sharing my research, in hopes that you do a little research of your own, to learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet. As always consult your Dr. before changing your diet. I consult the Lord and he guides me.