Premature aging prevented by guava fruit


Look out!  There’s a new fancy and sweet route to health & wellness, which takes you the long way around by targeting many areas at once.  That new route is serviced by one fruit, which can be a blessing for your brain, body and soul.  A few weeks ago, while I was watching the Dr. OZ show, he began to talk about the anti-aging properties of Guava.  They seemed too good to be true, so I just had to do some research; especially after finding the paste for a measly $1.29. However after searching the web I came across this awesome Benefits of Guava list below (this is a partial list too).  It turns out this tropical wonder of a super-fruit is filled with Vitamins A, C, B3, B6, E, copper, folate, magnesium and has a high fiber, a high pectin content and a plethora of potassium so it does much more than just assisting with anti-aging.  Guava has also been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries, as it improves blood circulation which is extremely helpful for men and women (^_~).

HEALTH & WELLNESS The new kid on the block has been around for quite a while, but recently Guava, has become a popular fruit amongst health aficionados, due to its exceptional health benefits including but not limited to

  • Brain health- Vitamins B3 and B6 stimulate healthy brain and nerve function, while promoting healthy blood flow in the brain.
  • Cancer prevention- Vitamin C is a magnanimously powerful antioxidant that fights off cell damaging free radicals which may cause cancer.  Also, its high fiber content will flush your body of toxic wastes and help prevent colon cancer.
  • Diabetes care- The high fiber content in guavas is very helpful for diabetics, as it slows down the absorption of sugar in the body.
  • Diarrhea/Constipation- Guavas are alkaline-rich and have antibacterial and disinfectant abilities, which are phenomenally effective in treating such ailments as diarrhea and dysentery.  Its high fiber content is beneficial in relieving constipation.
  • Eye health- Vitamin A improves and maintains high visual acuity.
  • Fertility- Folate, as found in Guava, is a great nutritional tool for increasing fertility.
  • Heart health- Guava is laden with potassium, which is known to regulate sodium in the body and normalize blood pressure.
  • Immunity- Vitamin C is an incomparable immune system booster and can stave off the onset and symptoms of the cold, flu and various other infections and viruses.
  • Relaxation- Magnesium is a terrific muscle relaxer.

BEAUTY  Super Food powers activate!  Lucky for both of us, the antioxidant properties in guavas make these super-duper foods, because they have such amazing antioxidant abilities, that they can fight premature aging and promote strong, lustrous hair plus strong, healthy nails.

WEIGHT LOSS The vast amount of fiber in guava, 9 grams in one cup, is the perfect diet enhancer, as it will keep you feeling full between meals and flush out your body on a more regular basis, resulting in steady weight loss.


I have been eating the Guava paste on air popped rice cakes with a chocolate covered cherry peanut butter, as well as straight out of the package for a week now.  I love it because it tastes like a fruit rollup, which makes me happy!   You will find many delicious recipes by googling guava or by getting ideas from the link below.  If you decide to try this for any of the above please come back and let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

Look at your food in comparison to the human body then you will learn to


Note to self: The more coconut oil and coconut you eat, the faster your
cells  will work as designed by God, naturally in everlasting joy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, I’m just an avid researcher, sharing my research, in hopes that you do a little research of your own, to learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet. As always consult your Dr. before changing your diet. I consult the Lord and he guides me.

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