Childhood cancer link to baby food manufacturers


The Childhood Cancer epidemic is growing and hitting close to home for too many people. While many often sit and question how this could happen to such innocent souls, one need not go much further than to look to the Baby Food Industries alterations, in their baby food preparation methods-all in the name of profit.

It was a silent but deadly switch. A change that padded the bottom line of the baby food makers; while hurting and in some instances killing our future generations. It may not have been intentional, but it is happening now at alarming rates.

The deadly switch made by baby food makers, and all other food makers for that fact, was to move away from cooking with coconut oil. Baby food used to be made with coconut oil ONLY- because of the high amounts of lauric acid present NATURALLY, which protects babies from such deadly diseases as cancer.

Today however, the glutenous American diet has created a great demand for lauric acid. Lauric acid is Gods super drug which kills bacteria, fungus, virus (yes viruses too!), parasites and microbes. Its so awesome, its been used successfully to fight deadly viruses, ovarian cysts and hepatitis C too.

Unfortunately, the success of its life giving benefits may have inadvertently played a part in the epidemic of Childhood Cancer, because it became much to expensive for most Baby Food Manufacturers to continue adding it to their recipes.

Baby food manufacturers used to use coconut oil to make baby food, before they discovered a cheaper form called mct oil. MCT oil, medium-chain-triglycerides, while derived from coconut oil, only contains caprylic acid and capric acid, it DOES NOT CONTAIN lauric acid.

For profit this is awesome, but for babies who are subject to many deadly bacteria and viruses, due to lower immunity protection, this is downright deadly and unacceptable. It was and continues to be this switch which has caused the epidemic of death and disease, at such high rates, in our children.

The lauric acid makes up 48% of coconut oil, while myristic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and caproic acid all add to coconut oils antimicrobial properties. Sadly these fatty acids are not found in any other natural source but coconut oil, and its then found only after it has been digested in our bodies.

1 tablespoons of coconut oil contains 7 grams of lauric acid and therefore should be used to cook everything from this moment forward; to reverse any damage from aging, long-chain-fatty-acids (heated canola oil, olive oil etc.) bad diet, disease and age related degeneration.

Most importantly is that it be added to all your babies food. You can warm it up a little bit and add it to your breast milk (do this especially if your immunity is compromised) to ensure that your child grow strong, disease free and healthy all around.

Its very important that baby food manufacturers be required to include coconut oil in baby food, because the body needs to ingest it and convert it into the life saving antimicrobial properties. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, ingesting coconut oil causes no harm to the human body, but its deadly and irresistible to the root cause of any disease.

Unfortunately the only person who can make a difference in the health of anybody is the person who buys and cooks that persons food, has overall control of their nutrition and trusts in the lord God to guide them in all things.

Remember what you eat is just as important as what you don’t eat. Your babies are counting on you to feed and nourish them. Please make sure you are adding melted coconut oil to your babies food, your food and most importantly to the food of the elderly. This will help the world heal from within, but it begins with you, the parents.

Had I known of these life saving benefits of coconut oil while my best cousin Paul was still living, I don’t believe he would have experienced his second bout of brain cancer before age 15, which was followed by bone marrow leukemia in his 20’s. I share this in hopes of keeping others from experiencing the tragedy of brain cancer, or any cancer for that matter.

For more information on how coconut oil can kill deadly disease, reverse the damage of aging, reverse obesity and much more, please read the reference below, it consists of life changing information.

Reference: The Coconut Oil Miracle 5th edition, Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D.