Breast cancer prevention #readyourfood


Whole foods are naturally designed to resemble the human body part they bring relief too, when eaten as part of an oxygenated long-chain fat-free diet (if your thinking what? you’ll want to read this now)

Navel oranges prevent breast cancer and by the looks of this orange, it is obvious. Eat one navel orange a day to prevent breast cancer. For those who are currently afflicted, the pink grapefruit & blood red orange will help prevent the proliferation of the cancer virus, thanks to the high volume of astaxanthin properties present. God designed both oranges and grapefruits not only to prevent breast cancer, but to plump up the breasts as well.

Of course it takes more than eating just one navel orange or grapefruit a day, it also requires omitting all long-chain fats from your diet. Long chain fats are what make up canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, olive oil, avocado oil and all other vegetable oils and saturated fats. All except coconut oil and palm oil, which are both made up of medium-chain fats. Medium-chain fats, or medium-chain fatty acids, are natures elixir to nearly all that ails us. When consumed regularly, mcfa allow our natural immunity and bodies response system to kill virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites. It assists our body’s vitamin and nutrient absorption. Coconut oil’s mcfa also reverse atherosclorosis, which I believe may contribute to the onset of cancer. It also reverses obesity, diabetes, aging and much more. Naturally, it kills super germs, the virus that causes aids, leukemia, cancer, hpv, ebola, herpes, ecoli and the list goes on and on.

Tossing away all cooking oils but coconut oil, is the most important step to take in the fight against all cancer because the long-chain fats kill your body from withing via the blood. Since they cannot be broken down by the liver until they are small enough to enter, they end up floating around in the blood stream, as they deposit all their poisonous fat protein packages, called lipo-protein, into every cell in your body-only once they are small enough to cross into it, they enter the liver to be burned as energy, by that time the oxidized free radicals have inhabited all areas of your body including gaining access to your organs, bone marrow, blood and worse yet your private parts. Medium chain fatty acids are small enough to enter the liver directly to be burned as energy, without being stored as fat, unlike the lcfa’s.

Since the coconut oils medium-chain fatty acids don’t turn rancid with heat, you can cook, bake, fry and sautee with the coconut oil; without compromising its chemical make-up or turning your food poisonous. I low heat fry veggies, chicken, and anything I can get my hands one, because with coconut oil, you cannot eat too much fried whole food.

After switching to medium-chain fatty acid packed coconut oil, your body begins to rebuild the vein and artery cell walls and the mucus membrane lining, which protects us from foreign invaders which cause cancer, bacterial infections and other deadly diseases. You’ll feel much more energized and this will free your liver and pancreas to work on breaking down the fats which have been stored up causing weight gain. Rebuilding the mucus membrane will help your bodies immunity strengthen.

Eating the right things will help it to remain healthy. To prevent breast cancer navel oranges, red blood oranges, grapefruits, pink grapefruits, white mushrooms, mitake mushrooms and red cabbage should all be added to your coconut rich diet.

Remember that you cannot eat to much whole food cooked in coconut oil, fried in coconut oil or made with coconut sugar, coconut flour or coconut  milk. The body converts the coconut oil directly into lauric acid. However it will take an additional step to convert the coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut sugar and fresh coconut to the lauric acid properties. So you will benefit by switching out all your staples to coconut to rebuild and reverse aging now. Making this switch will also help prevent breast cancer and other diseases, while reversing age damage much faster!

Look at your food in comparison to the human body then you will learn to


1. Notice the dots on the outside of the orange? Those indicate that acid is present and it will clear the pores.
2. Orange flesh resembles body fat because it is designed to plump up the fat cells.

3. Orange color indicates benefits to flesh underlying the outer skin layer.
4  White seeds indicate possible cancer growth protection in that area.
5. View of a sliced orange also indicates presence of acid (equal outward flow).
6. Separated portioned areas indicate growth (view of oj wedges from above).
7. Area depressed under the stem indicates benefits for inner body, which is affecting the memory and thought process.
8. This stem indicates phosphorus.
9. Round body indicates breast health benefits.

Note to self: The more coconut oil and coconut you eat, the faster your
cells will
work as designed by God, naturally in everlasting joy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, I’m just an avid researcher, sharing my research, in hopes that you do a little research of your own, to learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet. As always consult your Dr. before changing your diet. I consult the Lord and he guides me.