Osteoperosis prevention #readyourfood


Imagine your spine beginning to straighten out each time you eat a celery stalk, which is possible because it helps to prevent osteoporosis.

That should be a given when you learn to #readyourfood, since it’s as straight as they come. So now imagine your toppled over due to horrendous menstrual cramps and after eating a few stalks of celery, you straighten up- thanks to the high amounts of anti-inflammation properties found in celery.

Thanks be to God you can now say bye bye to pain pills when you eat 4 stalks of celery a day because it also contains high amounts of the natural pain killer apigenin. I now eat it regularly and have stopped taking liver damaging pain pills monthly, whereas I used to be toppled over in pain, unless I took them, like clockwork.

Celery is one of two of the best natural sources of COX-2 inhibitors (anti-inflammatory and pain reliever), the other being celery seeds. Celery also removes uric acid relieving pain for gout sufferers.

Eat cucumber at the same time as eating celery, because it will help your body absorb much more calcium when they are combined in your system. Celery also fights halitosis (deep inset leaves); it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, plus it aids in cancer prevention (indicated by the white base of the celery) prevents high blood pressure and much more!

Best of all you can cut off the base of the celery, sit it in water and regrow it. Once the leaves begin to sprout in water, transplant it into potting soil, watering it and adding coffee grinds to the soil will help you to begin growing celery in your own little urban garden, not much space required either.

As always you will gain much more pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits if you consume a long-chain fat-free diet, where you do not eat heated canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, avocado oil, olive oil or other vegetable oils which contain long-chain fatty acids because they are causing the inflammation and the deadly diseases like cancer.


Look at your food in comparison to the human body then you will learn to


1. Straight stems indicate anti-inflammation.
2. Thick white base indicates cancer prevention.
3. Pointy leaves indicate uric acid removal.
4  Lines in stalks indicate high blood pressure relief.
5. Deep inset leaves indicates that celery fights halitosis.
6. Layered growth indicates digestion regulation.
7. Green color indicates growth to area (bones via calcium).


Note to self: The more coconut oil and coconut you eat, the faster your
cells  will work as designed by God, naturally in everlasting joy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, I’m just an avid researcher, sharing my research, in hopes that you do a little research of your own, to learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet. As always consult your Dr. before changing your diet. I consult the Lord and he guides me.