You only get one body to live this life in.  Sure you can buy some parts, replace some or add some but in the end you’re only as good as your insides. That’s why knowing what kind of benefits your getting from say an apple just by looking at it would be great right? What if you could look at a piece of fruit or vegetable and know where your body will reap the benefits? Imagine all the degenerative diseases that could be prevented just by eating the right fruit and vegetable combinations.

What if you knew a banana was shaped like a smile because it contains tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin, which is what makes us happy and helps us smile. Well according to a well known and research driven writer/columnist for the NY Post; if people knew that bananas contained those properties it might curb teen smoking. According to his research, people who chain smoke do so because they are self medicating their lack of serotonin.

The human body cannot produce serotonin on its own, so if a person is not eating food with tryptophan it will lead to a chemical imbalance that can snowball into a lot more. Now imagine how easy it would be to determine that a person is not happy and needs to smile more…..so they go to the market and buy a banana to feel better. Imagine how much healthier and happier the world would be. Well in the end I believe that is what God ultimately wishes. That we would all be healed and not suffer, which is why he has given us everything we need. We just didn’t know how to #readwholefood before.

Thanks be to God that I’ve had an infatuation with ageless living and healing from within because he’s lead me on a lifelong journey, which has lead to my recent project of learning the language of whole foods. It came about one day while I was thanking God for quenching my brain with coconut water. Instantly everything came to par. All my readings, the connections and all the links.

There is a language of whole food which helps us to know by sight how a fruit and vegetable is going to react and what it will help in our body.  The language is easy to learn because its language of all creation, meaning if its true in nature- it will be true in the language of whole foods.

Colors, shapes, textures, seeds and every characteristic suggests a certain scientific benefit. I have spent the last 3 years researching and found that the science is out there to prove that the whole foods help you in the way that their language suggests. Of course combining them is an entirely different thing, but a great place to start is always to learn the language first.

What i’m sharing is not mine but ours, which is why i’m sharing it for free. This language is easy to learn….just click on the photos (feature coming soon). Want a sneak peek at the tip sheet? Send us a message with your email and as soon as its ready we’ll send it directly to your inbox.

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