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I’m a foodie, world traveler, wine enthusiast  and thrill seeker who just recently discovered that there is a language of whole foods. Traveling is in my blood, been flying solo since TWA was in business. I’ve been to many countries, driven cross-country 6 times from coast to coast and continue to live life to the fullest! I share my dinning, traveling and thrill seeking adventures with you here on EatGoStay.com while also sharing tips which will help you learn to read your whole foods, eliminating disease and pain from within.

Thrill seeker is an understatement when it comes to me. I’m more of an adrenaline junkie. I have enjoyed sky-diving, scuba diving, para-sailing, ultra gliding, rock climbing, trapeze flying, inline skating, skiing, repelling, cave exploring, yachting from north Africa to the south of France, jet skiing, cliff jumping, rapid riding, horseback riding, ATV riding, indoor sky diving, roller coasters, speed boating, go-cart riding, fishing and much more.

Having been one of the last people allowed to use flash, while having my photo taken with the Mona Lisa, inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, was and continues to be a very special memory; one I will treasure forever. I was so excited to see a pro bull riding rodeo in Fort Worth, but next time I hope to find a mechanical one I can ride too!


I love to fly

I have wings and boy do I love to fly! I took my first solo flight at 5 years old on TWA and every year thereafter, from CA to AZ and back. I have vacationed in France [Paris {3 times}, St Tropez,Caan, Nice, Gorges du Verdon, Juan-Les-pins,]; England  [London{17+times}]; Austria [Vienna]; Holland [Amsterdam {4 times}, Utrecht];  Spain [Ibiza {4 times}, Palma De Mallorca, Marbella {3+ times}]; Morocco [Fez, Casa Blanca, Rabat]; Tunisia [Sousse,Tunis,Sfax,Kairouan]; US Virgin Islands [St Thomas, St John, St Croix]; British Virgin Islands [Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Gorda]; French Virgin Islands [Guadeloupe, St Lucia, Martinique, St Maarten];  Aruba, Canada [Niagara Falls {2 times}]; Ireland [Dublin]; Mexico [Guadalajara {2 times}, Rosarito {4 times}, Tijuana {5+ times}, Ensenada {3+ times}] and this past February, we celebrated my Loves Birthday & our 16 year anniversary, by taking a cross country RV road trip. My travel experiences have only recently began to include the United States. Read more about my travels and see which states I’ve been to here.

I will add blogs about my travelling experiences as time allows, however if you have any questions about any place I have listed, please feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy this site and my experiences. I also hope that when possible you have a chance to try some of the places I recommend.

I don’t get paid to write any of the review on this site. {However after I re-brand a business, I may review it and post it on the site; acknowledging it in the blog post of course.} These are honest reviews based on my experience and opinions. This site will not only serve to alert you to new places, but will also serve as an #outings #guide for #foodies #travellers and #winelovers alike; with #foodreviews #winereviews and #travelreviews. I’m also using this blog to share a new language of whole foods, helping you to know, by sight, the nutritional benefits of whole foods so you can eat to live.

Hope you enjoy #eatgostay as much as I do.

~Anna Marie
Blogger of Travel, Food & Fun with a concentration on Service!

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