You only get one body to live this life.  Sure you can buy some parts, replace some parts or add some parts; but in the end you’re only as good as your insides.  I’ve been living a slightly elevated level of a healthy lifestyle for over 20 years. Balance and moderation has helped me enjoy the fruits of life without regret or weight gain. Eating the right fruits and vegetables kept me fit and trim.
However with 20+ years of practice, I still have my indulgent moments; so these days I just try to make sure to always play the balance game.  
If I indulge in beef or carbs I follow it up with kale for a few days. Sometimes I add kale to a green smoothie (which will always have celery in it, because it works wonders on inflammation and with my rheumatoid arthritis I can use all the help I can get) at other times I’ll add it to a salad or soup.

I am a health junkie, but try not to be obnoxious or extreme about it, so I seek out the correct natural foods to combat what ever may be ailing me.  I also look for fun exercises that makes staying fit easy.  As well as always looking out for things that calm the mind and body, increasing relaxation, while eliminating stressors as much as possible.

I’ll share some of the best tips I come across here and I welcome you to share any helpful tips that make great health and wellness easier to attain below in the comments.

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