CULTURE: The Roebling Museum Roebling NJ

A Museum dedicated to the engineering genius John A. Roebling,
the wire rope industry he founded, and the company town of Roebling, NJ.

Their Mission:

The mission of the Roebling Museum is to document, preserve and exhibit the history of the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company, the Roebling family and the village of Roebling. Its focus is not only on the industrial and technological achievements of the company but on the unique social history of itS workforce and the town it created.

The Museum bridges a storied past to the present by providing exhibits and programs directed at the interests of the worldwide public while also serving as a valuable resource for school curriculum enhancement programs and academic research.

Museum Hours:

January through March
Open by appointment for groups over 10 and for researchers.


For the yearly schedule visit their website below.

The Roebling Museum
(GPS:1495 Hornberger)
100 Second Avenue
Roebling, NJ 08554
Phone: 609-499-7200

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