CULTURE: Heartwalk AC 2014

Devastation can bring people together en-mass; as was the case after Hurricane Sandy in 2013.  People coming together with the common goal of helping those in need, giving all they have unselfishly, while rebuilding communities is what makes our country so beautiful.  Situ Studio artists drew on this idea combined with their inspiration of the experiences of Hurricane Sandy; to create this beautiful art installation.  Heartwalk was created for the Times Square Arts 2013 Valentine Heart Design Competition; out of reclaimed boardwalk boards from the boardwalks of the Rockaways in queens, Long Beach in New York, Sea Girt in New Jersey and Atlantic City New Jersey.

After the competition, Heartwalk was relocated to the Historical Atlantic City Boardwalk; its new permanent home.  Each boardwalk board is arranged to create a 3D heart, which pops off the ground, to form a heart in the open space.  There is a red neon light strug along the inside base, which illuminates it at night.  It is an interactive piece of art; so step into it and have your photo taken, then share it with the hash tag #heartwalkac and post the link in a comment below, I really want to see you in the heart of the heart.

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