EXPLORE: Downtown Container Park: Las Vegas NV

What a fabulous use of freight containers! This place is so green you’ll think you woke up in a hippies pocket. They took monstrous measures to make the Downtown Container Park very posh, upscale, user-friendly, durable and family friendly.

Their first step was placing a fire sporting praying mantis out front by the entrance. This is a handmade, larger than life piece of art that will leave you wondering…but why? Until you read the accompanying artist information and learn that this was made for the artists wife and took several years to create.

Next they took great measures to educate their visitors about recycling the right way by placing educational recycling centers throughout the park. This is awesome because many people wish to recycle, most just don’t know how or what can be recycled.

They also added a gigantic interactive tree house with slides, bridges and lots of climbing. There were bridges, peek out windows, telescopes, and many slides. I just had to take a walk through it, before I took a ride down the longest slide. That slide was so long and tall, that I was literally shocked nearly the entire way down. It was definitely electrifying!

For the adults they created an entertainment area complete with a stage, lawn (well Astroturf) and outdoor furniture. On any given night you can find a diverse array of free entertainment including music performances, children’s programming, variety acts, special weekly movie nights, and more. Check out their calendar for dates and times.

Of course you will also find good foodie food and specialty boutiques, where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home; because let’s be serious, who needs another Las Vegas ashtray? Unfortunately we had just finished eating some delicious food at Hot and Steamy in Chinatown, so we only had enough room to enjoy some tasty frozen sweets at the ChillSpot, before we bought some more sugary substances to hold us over for the night at Sweet Spot candy shop.

If you get a chance to visit the Downtown Container Park on East Freemont in Las Vegas make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about it.

Downtown Container Park
707 Freemont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101


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