EAT: Vic & Anthony’s: Atlantic City NJ

Unfortunately I was unable to photograph everything we tasted…

Impeccably & delightfully delicious. Executive Chef Norman J Reola has a keen eye and exceptional taste buds and we reap the benefits.  Your eyes and stomach will be equally pleased.  The presentation of each dish was spot on.  I’m a foodie that loves pretty food and I was in awe of the plating techniques presented to us.  We were truly satisfied with almost every unique dish.  I enjoyed a glass of the Cooralook Pinot Noir and my love enjoyed the Stella Artois.

We began the tasting with the Shrimp & Tenderloin skewers.  Each jumbo prawn was wrapped around a tenderloin of Filet Mignon-yummy!  The skewers were prepared perfectly, which was an accomplishment in itself-as the filet, tucked inside the prawn, was cooked exactly the way it should be presented and eaten=medium rare.

Next came the Steak Tartare ($15.95) served on a block of sea salt, topped with an egg yolk and paired with homemade waffle chips.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would enjoy Steak Tartare, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fabulous explosion of flavors! I only had a taste of the egg yolk mixed with the Tartare, because i’m not a huge fan of egg yolk.  The steak (filet?)  tasted as though it was marinated with a hint of spicy brown mustard.  I topped many of the waffle chips with Steak Tartare and couldn’t stop at just one, because the block of sea salt has a tendency to melt very easily, said the server, I ended up eating the Tartare a little quicker than I realized.  I couldn’t believe my eyes after I devoured the dish, because I assumed I would stop at just a taste. I will definitely order it again.

The Maple glazed Quail ($16.95) was my favorite appetizer of the evening.  However the presentation lacked desire.  The outside was glazed perfectly, while the meat inside was tender and juicy.  They were a nice twist on pub wings i’ve ever eaten.  Bursting with flavor, each offered much more meat than a normal chicken wing.  I only wish there were more of them.

Next we had a half dozen oysters on the half shell ($14.95) which were perfectly cleaned and very fresh!  This was the first time my love tasted them and he was extremely delighted.  We topped them with lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.  I chew my oysters a few times before I swallow them, to get the full taste and these tasted very delicious.  My love swallowed his, which they say is proper etiquette, but in my opinion I want to get the full flavor of the oyster and enjoy it all, so I chew them a bit-to each his own is what I say.

We also enjoyed the cold boiled jumbo Shrimp ($16.95) which was served with cocktail & mignonette sauce.  They were cooked perfectly and chilled just right.  The prawns were definitely jumbo and as fresh as could be.

The Calamari with sweet & hot pepper sauce ($12.95) was a little mushy by the time we were able to try it.  I wasn’t impressed with this dish at all, but it was edible.  A little different from the normal Calamari, but definitely not the best i’ve enjoyed (Costa del sol, Espana takes the cake on the best!) and I wouldn’t try it again, but you be the judge.

The last plate was the selection of Artisan Cured Meats and Cheese (market price) which was Sopressata-an Italian Pork Salami, Capicola-an Italian cold cut made from the pork shoulder or neck and dry-cured whole and Romano cheese.  The platter was served with Sliced Baguet (I think).  The meats were very tasty and paired very delightfully with the  Romano cheese.

As if that weren’t enough, we finished our meal off with the ball of Vanilla Ice Cream which was rolled in Pecans and presented atop a Caramel Sauce.  The server was amazed that two slender people could eat so much, but with food this delicious it was easy to do!

Vic & Anthony’s is located in the Golden Nugget Atlantic City, next to the the Farely Marina. They have a full bar and dinning room.  The service is superb (although I’m not sure why the server wouldn’t stagger our order knowing the tables are so tiny in the bar).  I recommend this restaurant to any steak lover or foodie looking for expertly paired and presented cuisine.  If your like me and need to have a tasting before jumping in, visit them during Happy Hour at the Bar between 4 and 7pm where you can sample these dishes here at almost half off!  This is the best deal in Atlantic City so run, don’t walk.

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse
(Inside the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino)
Hurton Avenue & Brigintine Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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