EAT: Phillips Seafood: Atlantic City NJ

“Phillips Seafood brings guests a classic American seafood menu boasting an array of fresh seasonal fish and Phillips’ famous Maryland-style crab cakes.”

Phillips Seafood was a great surprise appetizer spot for sure.  We were looking for a light treat to hold us over until a late dinner in Atlantic City and just happened to be at Caesars Casino, so we walked over the bridge to the Pier Shops 3rd floor.  We had passed by many times in the last few years without ever giving it a try, so we thought what the heck lets do it.  I’m so sad that we wasted so many a night without dining at Phillips. Our food tasted sea-to-table, it was that fresh.

First came the oysters. I tend to chew my oysters to get the full flavor and was quite delighted with the crisp spicy citrus (lemon and Tobasco sauce), highlighting a clean ocean flavor, without a trace of shell or debris, plump and small; a perfect combination. Local from West Islip, New York, the Long Island Blue Point oysters were among the best I’ve tasted ever! I hail from California where fresh is the norm, but the decrease in salt levels in the Pacific Ocean sure does make a difference. It must be the fact that I enjoy salt, because the higher salinity levels make the oysters taste perfectly seasoned, without seasoning. If your an oyster lover visiting the east coast make sure to eat locally grown oysters. Not only because they taste better, but because the growers have overcome so much, with all that has been done to wipe out the East Coasts oyster growers in past years; only to deliver a phenomenal burst of flavor in each beautiful shell. At $15.00 for a half dozen or $26 for a dozen you will surely get your share, but order wisely because your going to want more than several.

Next came the clams on the half shell. I normally don’t enjoy raw clams, however I thought you might want to know what they tasted like so I took one for the team. I added a bit of the sauce which accompanied the middle neck clams on the half shell and went for it. The clam was fresh, not too fishy (^_~) and very easy on my palate. I couldn’t eat another, which made my love happy because he truly enjoyed them. They were quite reasonable at $10.00.

Clams casino was the next dish, because I figured “heck may as well get them out of the way!”. This appetizer was a bit hard to eat, as the bacon is not cut up and drizzled on top; instead a big piece of applewood smoked bacon is laid on top of the clam with casino butter. The fat in the bacon made it to chewy to enjoy. I wish they had diced the bacon up because the initial flavor was a perfect combination. For $11.00 a bacon lover could enjoy these if they don’t mind grizzle in the shizzle (sorry I couldn’t resist) definitely not for me.

We moved onto the very delicious mussels marinara. They were steamed to perfection in an authentic Italian tomato sauce, seasoned with the perfect blend of basil and garlic. I left most of them for my love because….

I couldn’t wait to try the crab dip, which was served with tri-color chips. It was gooey and flavorful. Made with a combination of cheeses and crab in house; it was so smooth on my palate. The crab laced the cheesy background with sweet little bites of heaven. I ate every last drop and almost ordered another one. At just $13.00 I can see why its a Phillips classic.

Because we had reservations for dinner, we had to stop at the dip. However now that we know how delicious they serve up their seafood, we will be back for more.

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