EAT: Chart House: Atlantic City NJ

I must say that from coast to coast, Chart House pleases in every sense of the way. I recently had the pleasure of food hopping during Happy Hour, and landed in a swanky place overlooking the Farley Marina outside the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino; which is where this fabulous restaurant sits. The views are phenomenal, as is the perfectly prepared & delicious food. I began with a glass of Dynamite Merlot ($5) which was supreme; flavors of dark fruit and cherries with a hint of chocolate and vanilla.

Our tasting began with the Prime Rib Sliders ($7). Normally i’m not a huge fan of red meat unless its filet, NY strip  or porter house; but these sliders were unbelievably mouth watering, and the best damn sliders I have ever eaten. Each one is topped with caramelized onions and jack cheese (I also tasted a bit of horseradish-which I normally despise, but in this case it was a fabulous blend) and I was ready to order another serving immediately!

Shortly there after the Fish Tacos ($6) arrived; much to my delight-they were two big Ahi Tuna tacos on regular size corn tortillas. Each was dressed with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and a jalapeno ranch. The fish was grilled to perfection. Both tacos consisted of not just one piece of fish, but 3 nice size strips of succulent-ly moist, fresh out of the water Ahi. What a fabulous deal. I will definitely return just for the fish tacos and the sliders!

Thinking it couldn’t get any better, I was shockingly surprised that the Firecracker Shrimp ($6) was another perfect creation. The shrimp is tempura fried and tossed in a spicy dynamite sauce, which was executed superbly. The dish was spicy and light at the same time. My only wish was that we hadn’t began this eating excursion at the Grotto inside the Golden Nugget, because the food  was so delicious I wanted more!

Next time your in Atlantic City looking for a fabulous Happy Hour treat (served Tuseday-Friday & Sunday 4-7pm in the bar and lounge only); stop at the Golden Nugget and visit the Chart House, before you venture to the other 2 Happy Hour stops (Vic & Anthony’s and the Grotto) for a fabulous treat, fresh seafood and the some of the most tastiest Prime Rib Sliders I have ever eaten. You won’t regret it, but be patient and bring your own fun-because unfortunately everyone from the hostesses to the servers (even the manager-who shouldn’t walk in high heels) has this perpetual gloomy look on their face. The service is null, after your order is taken. Please don’t expect them to do a check back on the food, not even to ask if you need anything else either. We so wanted to order more, but our server was much too busy standing in the corner looking depressed, in her own world all together. But if you can over look that, your in for the biggest treat and freshest food in the marina. So put your big pants on and brace yourself for a fabulous ride of explosive flavor!

Chart House
Inside the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
Senator Frank S Farley Marina
Brigantine Blvd & Huron Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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