EAT: Continental: Atlantic City New Jersey

One of the best tapas spots we’ve enjoyed.

The bar looks like the inside of a beehive, very small too, so we opted to sit in the sunken lounge, with the fireplace from my old Barbie house, instead.  My glass of Diseno Malbec ($9), from the Mendoza region of Argentina, tasted of vanilla and coffee flavor, rounded out with flavors of black currant, black cherries and plum flavors.  It was fairly easy to enjoy, despite the slight lingering tart aftertaste, which surprisingly worked great with the bold sweetness of the saucy ribs and the pickled cucumber on the fish taco.  Brian ordered a Blue Moon beer ($6) as his libation.

We were served the 3 Wagyu sliders first; which were cooked to a perfect medium, presented on soft mini brioche buns.  The egg wash on the french sweet roll of a bun paired greatly with the Wagyu, swiss cheese & caramelized onions, however we opted out of the Russian dressing.  Each slider was topped with a little iceberg lettuce and after enjoying one, I paused to wonder “why stop at the lettuce?”, iceberg is so vitamin & nutrient free.  A little spinach leaf or even arugula would have been the tastier way to go in my book.  Especially since Wagyu is showing up on more and more burger menus because of the health benefits, not despite them.  Wagyu has been recommended over regular beef, because the amount of unsaturated fats is a much higher count as compared to the saturated fats on hand.  (Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats helps to lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the blood-check with your doctor ^_~).

Next came the 2 Korean Pork Tacos ($9) served tied up, sitting on a pretty green leaf.  The tortilla wasn’t heated up enough for my liking, as on my first bite it cracked a little more than I cared for.  The shredded pork was so tender, nicely sweetened by a Korean barbecue sauce, placed on the hard lukewarm tortilla, then sprinkled with a sweet Asian relish of red onion, cucumber and cilantro, after which it was topped with two round slices of pickled cucumber.  The depth in flavor of this tapas plate was intense.  The combination of sweet & sour, plus the cold from the cucumber, the heat from the barbecue sauce, the moist tender pork sitting on the dry tortilla, which soaked up all the juices, combined with the slight bite from the red onions created a multitude of flavors that made me forget about the hard lukewarm tortilla, wanting to order another one, if it weren’t for the copious amounts of food still to come.

Our third delivery was the 3 Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers ($12.50) which was served with jasmine rice and a peanut sauce.  The chicken breast pieces were probably marinated in a combination of ginger, cardamom, curry and brown sugar because they were sweet, savory and bold in color as well as flavor.  The jasmine rice was a laughable amount, but rather tasty. I’m not quite sure if they made the peanut sauce in-house but it was alright, more oil than peanut I thought.  The chicken slices were quite thin, so if you’re a beef eater may I suggest you hold out for the best tapas dish of them all, which is the same price as this dish, but much more meat and depth of flavor if you care for sweet and spicy…. read on:

I’m a rib eater, from way back to the time I looked forward to sporting my big ‘ole rib grin; it was my crown for eating an entire rack of ribs in one sitting and I wore it proudly (yeah that kid).  I enjoy saucy, fall of the bones, melt in your mouth ribs and their Cantonese Ribs ($12.50) were right up there in my top 5%.  The rib meat was at least one (1) inch thick, grilled perfectly with a thick slather of sweet and spicy Cantonese (hoisin) barbecue sauce.  The meat fell off the bones with the slightest little tug.  Each bite got better and better.  The 4 huge ribs will satisfy any rib connoisseur so don’t miss this place if you’re visiting or planning a vacation to AC anytime soon.  If you’re looking for a meat lovers place, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s not just a tapas lounge, but if you do order only tapas order enough for everyone!

They are located in the Pier Shops at Caesars, on the Historical Atlantic City Boardwalk, right next to Buddakan, another Starr Restaurant.

Continental AC
The Pier Shops at Caesars
One Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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