DRINK: TEA: Tea Do Philadelphia PA

This contemporary tea house serves up quick, delicious and fresh juices; poured and packaged to order. Located right in the center of Chinatown you can’t miss this place; and shouldn’t.

Tea connoisseurs and novices alike will enjoy this tiny contemporary tea house, it’s so busy you’re sure to get only the freshest of ingredients. Bubble tea lovers take your pick from several bubble (jelly) flavors or cute stars (jelly), as well as popping bubbles too! My mango drink was yummy, but next time I think I’ll go with the thai coconut juice, because it was damn tasty, very light but rich in flavor.

I love the way they heat seal the lid onto each plastic cup. It prevents spillage and keeps the juice as fresh as can be. If its your first time drinking bubble tea, make sure to take small sips, so you don’t suck up too many bubbles, because you can definitely choke on them.

At first, I thought I might not enjoy the bubbles, because I was expecting a licorice flavor. However, after realizing that I had a choice of flavors, it’s an entirely new world of tea for me. Just in time too, because they also offer 27 different types of tea in addition to their light fare offering.

For those eating on the run, they are also serving up fresh smoothies, in many flavors from avocado to watermelon. Aloe Vera drinks are available in flavors like mango pear, or honey jasmin, just to name a few.

They serve up Appetizers, Salads and Onigiri, but I listed this in the drinks section, because we were on our way to dine when we found this fabulous spot. So we didn’t have a taste of anything on the menu, other than the drinks. Next time I’ll be trying Kani, Shrimp Tempura and Avocado Onigiri for sure.

Tea Do’
132 N 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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