Bone chilling insanity

After a full morning outdoors, we tried cooling off, in Phoenix, with delicious Taiwanese snow.  Its kind of like shaved ice, only it’s shaved ice cream; topped with fresh fruit and creamy tasty toppings, such as the “cream with black sesame seeds” flavor I choose to compliment my coconut shaved cream, which was topped with mango chunks.

It’s was so delicious I went delirious (see photo above).

I’ll be posting about this fun bone chilling spot soon, so be forewarned,  because addiction is in your near future, after you get a taste of this mind blowing treat.

Thankfully it’s right nextdoor  to a place that already holds my heart.

Pez Museum, a must see!

How did I not know there was a Pez Museum? Maybe because it’s all the way up the East Coast in Orange, Connecticut. Who would have thought that a road trip to nowhere would lead us to a little bit of heaven on earth.

I was mesmerized by the bright colors, the fun designs and the fun activities in this candy mecca. To me its a mecca for everything PEZ, including that awesome PEZ Motorcycle from Orange County Choppers, which stylishly graces their entrance way.

One things for sure, this museum made me realize how deprived we were on the West Coast, because I don’t ever recall finding a PEZ candy dispenser in my General Mills Cereal box, not on it, or in it, ever; and I definitely never received one with my hamburger; as White Castle once gifted them to their customers.

Thankfully the PEZ Visitor Center (Museum) more than made up for all that depravity, if you could truly call it that lol. I took a lot of photos at PEZ, just in case you’re curious. I’ll be posting that review soon, with a peek at the newest PEZ dispensers, which haven’t even reached the market just yet-they are too cute!

Have you been to the PEZ Museum yet? If you have, please share your experience or a photo with me in a comment; I would love to hear about your trip down memory lane, or in this case, Candy Lane. Read more.