Lycopene rich foods will have… #readwholefood


F&V’s with exaggerated round & indented sections at the top indicate a high presence of lycopene , which prevents heart disease, atherosclerosis (which is hardening of the arteries), cancer of the prostate, ovaries, breasts, lungs, bladder, uterus, pancreas & colon. It is also used to treat hpv (human papaloma virus) -which is major cause of uterine cancer. Read more

Childhood cancer linked to baby food manufacturers


The Childhood Cancer epidemic is growing and hitting close to home for too many people. While many often sit and question how this could happen to such innocent souls, one need not go much further than to look to the Baby Food Industries alterations, in their baby food preparation methods-all in the name of profit.

It was a silent but deadly switch. A change that padded the bottom line of the baby food makers; while hurting and in some instances killing our future generations. It may not have been intentional, but it is happening now at alarming rates.

The deadly switch made by baby food makers, and all other food makers for that fact, was to move away from cooking with coconut oil… Read more.

Sinus relief without pills – naturally? #readfood


Notice the similarities in the sphenoid sinus ethmodial cells and the air pockets in the green leaves? God designed them to clear sinuses naturally.

Those tiny ridges indicate relief to your sinuses, via clearing of the ethmodial cells. Great thing relief to breathing and sinuses, brings relief to other neurological issues; as well as migraines,  sinus pressure and nasal congestion.

When these greens are eaten daily, your sinuses clear up, congestion is eliminated and relief is brought to areas which once suffered, due to blocked sinuses and airway passages. Imagine these leaves breaking down, in your system, into green slime, before running through your sinuses, loosening and clearing the plaque and debris build up; which is left over from sinus congestion, that’s how they work, naturally. Read more.

Red Russian Kale relieves halitosis?


Adding kale to your coconut rich diet will work wonders for you. Adding the photographed Red Russian Kale will work wonders for your airway passages, breathing and bad breath.

The Red Russian Kale  has a mild nutty flavor, it is slightly sweet and earthy, with a hearty texture. I add it to salads, soups; but would much rather saute it in coconut oil, with seasoning and other vegetables, because the coconut oil will help to transport all nutritional benefits across the blood, brain and oxygen barriers. Read more.

Coconut Oil is essential brain health #readfood


Imagine your blood flowing through the center of this coconut. The coconut meat is the lining inside your arteries and veins. It lines the insides, to protect your blood from outside intrusion of bacteria, viruses, fungus etc.

Now imagine you have atherosclerosis or tearing in the lining, which allows the rancid cooking oil you ate earlier (which produced free radicals), to enter your blood stream and attack the good cells, stripping them of oxygen and killing them from within.

Now imagine the lining growing back when you drink 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily (must begin with half tablespoon daily, increasing by half tablespoon weekly… Read more.