End of Summer Travel fun in the sun

There has never been a better way to end the summer, than to head to Las Vegas for some sparkling fun in the sun. We went for 10 days, which seemed like 20. Just to make things a little more interesting we stayed on Freemont Street in Downtown for the first 5 days, before we moved into condos on Tropicana Avenue, for the last 5 days. We ate, gambled, shopped, took in some entertainment and I flew like superman, under the canopy of neon lights along Freemont Street.

Flying at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour under that canopy was the best way to bring in my Birthday this year, thankfully my sister was along for the 1,700 foot ride! Another highlight was finding the Downtown Container Park. It was such an awesome experience walking around that park, because they have done some amazing things with old freight containers. Its very contemporary and green; encouraging others to learn about recycling with their educational recycling centers. They also house one of the tallest interactive tree houses I have ever climbed! It was so tall that I was shocked by static for most of my way down the slide, definitely electrifying! A sure way to get me to remember that ride too.

Another all time favorite experience was making a mess at the new Hot and Steamy restaurant in Chinatown. We ate pick and peel shrimp and crab legs, until we couldn’t move; leaving our mess right on the table. There are so many  new foodie places, we were in heaven. The freshest mediterranean food is available right on Freemont Street by the Slotzilla stairwell; however its often overlooked because of the big column in front, thankfully we managed to smell our way in.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas, check out some of the places i’ve shared, then let me know what you thought below in a comment.

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