East Coast summer eats 2014

The best deal this entire summer has been the half price sushi (served all day) at Sakura in Bensalem, PA. I had three new roll combinations and was delighted with each. Another tasty treat was fried coconut shrimp with coconut sauce and walnuts, served with steamed broccoli at Parx Casino, I absolutely loved it.

Homemade Italian ice and gelatos have been a tasty treat this summer. Banana, mango and swedish fish are just a few of the flavors I can remember. Chocolate with vanilla gelato was definitely another mouth watering joy.

Summer usually leaves me hungry for barbecue, so we’ve enjoyed a few meaty savory racks (blogs to come). I must say the best fried pickle was served up with my ribs at Virgil’s in NYC this summer. My favorite fresh antipasto salad is served up in central New Jersey, with thick slices of fresh Mozzarella cheese, along side thick strands of Pecorino Romano, big crumbles of Parmesan cheese and topped with prosciutto, red roasted peppers  then dotted with Kalamata olives.

Unfortunately that will be the last you hear of that salad, because it is the only dish I can recommend at that restaurant. It’s a shame because I have tried several other dishes only to be disappointed.

I know I’m a bit picky about my food, but I think food is the easiest thing to do right. What flavors of summer are fresh on your taste buds? Please share below in a comment.

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