Harley’s Italian Bistro Phx AZ

I am so happy that Harley’s not only kept the old Roman Table feel (Roman Table was named Olivia’s before her son bought her out), but after 6 years, their food still tastes like Olivia is in the kitchen herself making the sauces. The new owners are very helpful and friendly.

They have changed only the few parts of the menu, which could use some updating. One of the items that should be removed is the Gnocchi (Potato dumplings) plate prepared in a cream pesto and a basil rosata sauce (half marinara & half alfredo sauce) for $11.00.

I had the Chicken alla Panna and it was so very delicious. The sauce was light, not too creamy and very delicious. The tender chicken breast was pounded thin then sauteed (but not overcooked-which is hard to do), served with mushrooms & fresh herbs in a brandy  cream sauce. It came with a side of fettuccine alfredo (which lacked desire!). The alfredo cream sauce was more like a butter broth and very bland-not one of their best. The plate was a large serving and cost $13.75.

The salad was served with fresh mixed greens, onion, zucchini, carrots and red cabbage. The balsamic dressing wasn’t very impressive, but it worked. I added tons of Parmesan cheese to this salad to give it a little depth.

I’m extremely picky about Tiramisu since i make a deo one of my own, but this place has it hands down right on the mark. Its so fabulous, not too much liquor & not too sweet. It definitely tasted like the real thing.

I would recommend this place to everyone on every budget because real & affordable Italian food is hard to come by in Arizona. The only warning i’ll leave you with is to veer yourself away from the fettuccine alfredo (you could probably make a better one at home!)

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